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Halloween is Mirabilandia!

From 11th October exclusive offer hotel+2 tickets for 2 days for a scary week end!!!

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Package MIRABILANDIA + HOTEL: three days ticket

Hotel ravenna soggiorni per mirabilandia

hotel accommodation + entrance to the Park, and, in the case of 2 nights stay, all your tickets will be valid for 3 consecutive days!
Park reopened March the 29th ..

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Pleasant stays in ravenna, the city of arts, where culture, mosaics, churches and history are a must

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Plan your stay at Hotel Ravenna and take part in many events offered by the city: from Ravenna Festival and Notte Rosa to Christmas markets

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Punta Alberete oasis

This is a flooded forest whose landscape is highly evocative with its alternating hygrophilous woods, partly swamped grassland, clear ponds, flora and fauna typical of swamplands of varying water depth. There are protected species of flora and very rare and important bird's nests in wooded swamps and cane-brakes.
As a residue of the ancient flood plain of the River Lamone, this biotope represents an example of "guided" natural evolution.
Information kiosks are open from March to May at the Fossatone car park. The screened observatory at the Sciafčla pond (Carraia Scargnada). Raised path with footboards and name signs of the typical flora.
Route specifically for pedestrians, shaded on both sides on the southern and Romea paths, open in the Scargnada.
Detailed documentation available: books, brochures, postcards and photographs.
Information for guided tours: Arca Association, Ravenna. 0544/465019

Pinewood of Classe

This vast, ancient and delightful pinewood extends along the coast covering about three thousand hectares to the south of Ravenna. The Adriatic port of Classe where the Romans constructed and repaired ships of the fleet leaves one to suppose that even in those times the pinewood was thick and extensive.
The Mediterranean vegetation envelops the centuries old pines with outcrops of heather, dog-rose, evening primrose, madder, lentisk, sarsaparilla and phillyrea. Shrub varieties include periwinkle and spurge laurel then there is asparagus, common privet, mushrooms, domestic sorb and medlar trees in the reserve where mountain bikes pass without disturbing the tranquillity. Orchids lie hidden adorning the undergrowth.

The bird population of the pinewoods includes singing passeriforms and many other species: nightingale, robin, wren, blackcap, whitethroat, subalpine warbler, blackbird, missel thrush, warbler, melodious warbler, western long-tailed titmouse, titmouse, great titmouse, woodpecker, finch, serin, greenfinches, goldfinch, cirl bunting, corn bunting, magpie, crow, oriole, small shrike, hoopoe, wild turtle-dove, green woodpecker, great spotted woodpecker, tawny owl, scops owl, little owl, tawny owl, sparrow owl, hobby, pheasant; other amphibians and reptiles.
Flora in the pinewood: presence of rare steno-mediterranean species such as dogbane, viburnum, cotinus and St. John's rose.
The pinewoods of Ravenna are the setting of a long history which can be explored together with the problems and action taken in connection with conservation and the current management of these areas (methods of exploiting the domestic pine for the production of pine nuts in the pine houses problems related to conservation of bird species and hunting, etc.)

Punta Marina Terme is a peaceful lido, set amid the pines and equipped with all services. It offers peaceful family life, good accommodation facility and amusements. Punta Marina Terme has a sea cure Centre, on the beach, away from the town centre, which offers all the benefits of weather, seawater, sand and sun.